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  1. I have a lot of videos over the years that I have taken and want to edit, split. Most of them have more then one day or subject on them. I want to be able to open the video and split it into different videos. Some may have as many as 5 or 6 subjects on them, making 5 or 6 different videos. Once the video I'm working on is close to it where I want it to end, I would like to continuously fast forward to where the subject changes, want to split, cut. Then use a slower means to select the exact point I want to end. Save that section then continue on to the next section, video I'm making. As for re-encoding, I understand it takes 1:1 or less. That means a 30 minute video will take 30 minutes or a little less. I did find a program that does not re-encode in the MPG4 frormat and would save that 30 minute video very fast. BUT, does not have the continuous fast forward I want plus other feathers I don't like.
  2. I want to buy NXT3, but had a few questions. Been trying to post, but don't know how. Could you tell me how to post please. My 2 questions are, if you want to answer: 1. Is there a continuous fast forward when doing editing? Look like a knob that you may be able to use for fast forwarding. Don't want to have to continuously click a button to fast forward. 2. All my videos are in MPG4 format. When I'm done editing my video, does it re-code? Re-coding takes so long. Most of my finished videos will be between 10 to 60 min. long. Thanks,