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    Error When Trying To Burn Data Disc

    I just downloaded Nero Burning ROM 2015 and it had no problems burning a data disc on my system. It's half the price too, and upgrades are 1/3 the price. Sorry Roxio. I've been with you for years... Toast, Creator, NXT2, but this is it. No support or paid support = unhappy customer shopping around for something better.
  2. Oquirrh

    Error When Trying To Burn Data Disc

    I completely un-installed the program, rebooted, then re-installed it, rebooted, and it still gives me the same error. I've also tried different brands of CD-R and DVD-R media (Memorex, Sony, Verbatim), all with the same results. Does anyone from Roxio have any ideas to fix this?
  3. Whenever I try to burn a data disc I get an error. It tries to start writing, then fails with error message: "There was a problem writing to the disc. You can try again by clicking the Retry button. You will need another blank disc ready." (see screenshot) This only happens when I try to burn the data to the destination DVD drive directly. If I burn the data to an .ISO image file, then burn the ISO image file to the same DVD drive with the same DVD in it, it works fine. This is a real pain because burning a disc is always a two step process: 1) create ISO image file. 2) burn ISO image to DVD burner. This is not a problem with the DVD media as I am burning the ISO image file to the exact same DVD that I used when I got the fail error while trying to burn directly to DVD burner. I am using Roxio Creator NXT 2, version:; Build: 150B05C, R13; 800B00B, R03 I tried to update the software but it said there were no updates available.