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  1. Post a fix to your VideoWave problem. One that actually works.

  2. hitemtrue

    Worked Fine Then Fails

    Roxio service is the pits. No support for their product after you purchase. I have literally spent over 5 hours trying to solve my issue with a VideoWave error. Veins are popping out of my neck. Every other site allows you to email tech support with questions. People should stop buying products from any company that will not stand by their own product. I can't believe how hard it is to fix what should be an easy fix. A simple download of the videowave and be done with it. But they offer no such support. Forums are worthless. I guess I can pay Roxio for a support call, but I feel that will only lighten my pocketbook, and not solve my problem. SHAME ON YOU ROXIO!!!
  3. hitemtrue

    Worked Fine Then Fails

    Roxio support sucks. There is no contact email or phone number for support issues. They want money to fix their product. Videowave keeps crashing roxio, and I have tried re-installs, disabling virus protection. I have 2 computers. it worked fine on each for a while, and then without notice, just stops. My other computer burned 3 dvd's just fine, then without even closing the program, it stopped working when trying to add a movie to burn. Usually you contact support through email...then they tell you a fix. NOT WITH COREL AND ROXIO!!!NO CUSOMER SUPPORT!!! I wish they would put that on their products, but then nobody would buy them. This must be a common error,as it has happened to all 4 computers that I have installed it on. ALL FOUR. Yet I still get no support and I have been trying for months!!! Shame on you Corel.