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  1. For the last month or so VideoWave has been hanging on me. If I go to mark spot in the video, there is a delay of 1 - 2 minutes before I can mark the next spot. during this time the Windows 10 says that the program is "not responding". When I go to output the video it hangs up and will not continue. I have checked for updated Video card drivers. I have uninstalled Roxio NXT3 and reinstalled it. All with no improvement. Any ideas of how to overcome this. Thanks. Dave Swigart
  2. I have a project that is 22GB. I started a burn to my hard drive last night at 8pm. When i got up this morning 9 hours later the process was only at 29%. The CPU usage was at 100% but memory usage was only about 30%. Are there any settings that I need to have to speed up the process? Another program that I have used would complete the entire rendering and writing in an hour or two.