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  1. I have one major problem with the RGC device. When I don't have my PC running and I'm playing a game that doesn't support 1080p, the HDMI screen turns blue the moment the PS3 lowers the resolution to 720p. I can do with the device all I want (reconnect the USB cable that is), but the screen stays blue. This means that when I'm NOT streaming I'm forced to keep my PC on for over half of the games I have in my library. Is there a way around this? I know I could get a HDMI switch and use the HDMI port when not streaming, but that'd mean yet an other cable between the PS3/PC and monitor. Not to mention that the RGC should not be influenced by the lowered resolution but just keep forwarding the signal.
  2. I'm trying to get the RGC software to authorize for twitter. I get the logon screen, the authorize button and when I click it, the script crashes in an error each & every time. I'm not running IE as browser on my system (actually I don't have it installed at all), but after a quick install of IE11 the problem remains. Any way to get RGC to authorize for twitter?
  3. DemiGoth

    Will Not Record After Recent Update

    I HAD the same problem as OP. When I freshly installed the software and immediately updated to SP2 the software crashed my PC at start up unless I disconnected the USB and didn't show any output. A new reinstall and updating to 1.1 and then the next patch for it followed by SP2 fixed all issues I had with the software abd it;s streaming as well.
  4. DemiGoth

    Ps2 On Rgc Pro?

    I managed to get SP2 fully running, including twitch streaming and the PS3 now works on 1080p through the composite cable as well. Only the PS2 issue remains, but I guess I need a better monitor for that (or at least one that allows me to ditch/move the OSD)
  5. DemiGoth

    Ps2 On Rgc Pro?

    Not sure that'll work since the PS3 doesn't allow the capture of the HDMI signal through the RGC Pro device - I need the composite cable for that. When attaching HDMI, the output will be put through it, cancelling out the composite output (which I need for the RGC Pro).
  6. DemiGoth

    Ps2 On Rgc Pro?

    The PS3 not using 1080p with the RGC Pro is an issue with the RGC Pro. When I use the same HDMI cable I'm using from the RGC Pro directly from my PS3 to my monitor I DO HAVE 1080p on it. So why doesn't the RGC Pro pass through 1080p in a normal way? Looks like the RGC Pro doesn't just simply pass through, but also does something with the signal as well, or I'd have 1080p through the RGC Pro as well... About the software, check the settings. There you see the modes the RGC Pro is operating under, which can be used for the software to capture on the PC'S HDD. For my PS3 it tells me 480p, 720p and 1080i and for the PS2 it tells me just 576i (where the PS2 should not be able to broadcast on that resolution, and only in 480i normally and 480p for certain games).
  7. DemiGoth

    Ps2 On Rgc Pro?

    Then I think the software and the RGC Pro doesn't understand pass through either... My PS3 runs 1080p without a problem on my monitor but using the RGC Pro it doesn't get any better than 1080i. When I set the PS3 to 1080p I get a blue screen. Also, using the RGX software I can change the profile in the General tab to 480p, 720p and 1080i) which are the resolutions the PS3 supports using the RGC Pro). The PS2 supports 480i and 480p (and the HDMI converter I use even supports 576i), but the software only tells me that the PS2 supports 576i on that same General tab. Hence my posted question...
  8. DemiGoth

    Ps2 On Rgc Pro?

    I managed to get the latest 1.1 software to work with my PS3. Though no 1080p output to my monitor anymore, it does give me have 1080i. Now I'm trying to get my PS2 to work with the RGC Pro. Living in Europe, it should output on either 480i/480p/576i. Using the RGC Pro it outputs on 576i and I get a nice 'HDMI out of range' OSD (one I can't ditch BTW). The RGC Pro software doesn't allow me to change the 576i output at all. This while the PS3 allows me to downgrade the output to 480p. Is there any way to get the PS2 to work on 480p with the software?
  9. DemiGoth

    Psone Games On Ps3 Not Supported?

    Okay, nvm... I had set the upscaler to Full Screen. Turning it off again solved the problem and I can play (and stream) PSOne games as well now.
  10. I bought the Roxio Game Capture Pro HD today for my PS3 and after a couple of difficulties, I got it running (including the streaming to twitch!). Though the device doesn't support 1080p for my monitor, the other resolutions (PAL 576p, 720p and 1080i) work perfectly. The only problem I'm having is playing Final Fantasy VII. This is (for now) the only PSOne game I have and I want to play through it again. But when I load the game from the discs, the screen goes blue but I do hear the sound of the game. This while the game ran perfectly through the HDMI cable directly to my monitor. Are PSOne games not supported? Or do I have to chance some of my PS3/Roxio settings to make is show on screen?