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    It's good to know that videowave, software that is still shipped with your products to this day is considered a "legacy Product" I can only assume that this means continued development of said software is no longer happening. What a joke. Anyways, I would like to know why this software constantly freezes up on slows down on a PC that literally dominates it's system requirements. Also, what is this why did it happen and how come I cannot split anymore? EDIT: Also when can I get a free copy of software that works? I assume that a company such as roxio would offer this to paying customers no?
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    Videowave Gripes

    If you're talking about live commentary during recording you'll have to do what I do. It requires a third party (gaming) headset much like anything turtlebeach makes. Take the pink mic wire and plug it into your mic input, boot up some sort of sound recording software, record your gameplay and audio at the same time. The rest is fairly easy. Pro tip: Say something during gameplay that is associated to the task you are currently capturing. Makes it a whole lot easier to match up the audio, I also reccomend find a sound recording program that can have a "start/stop recording" hotkey. Then you simply have to make that hotkey the same as your hotkeys for capture and you're pretty much set.
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    sknis I appreciate your reply, yes I have posted in the incorrect area. Sorry for that. As for attitude, I apologise for my outburst but Roxio's customer support is non-existant. I did not mean any ill-will towards other consumers. Yes it is for the gamecapture, the video I used is from my capture device, this happened after a made the previous "split".
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    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Issues

    Via usb? Try a 3.0 slot instead or viceversa.
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    Try weeks, I purchased the product a week and a half ago.
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    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Issues

    Looks like you haven't plugged in your capture card yet.