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  1. What does this mean? http://prntscr.com/66xeyn
  2. i have everything above that... I have a Gaming computer...
  3. I have a AlienWare x51 R2... think that is Good enough? lol
  4. Here im going to tell you guys exactly how i have it all set up... so right now im using a dual monitor set up and one of the monitors is what im playing on.. so it isnt a TV im playing on it is a monitor, so it doesnt have the component inputs... That is what im playing on as i said then the from the xbox is the component cable going to the Roxio gamecap then from the game cap to my pc that is it... So im going to buy a tv so i can just use the component cable output
  5. welp i need to buy a tv i guess because i was using the hdmi to see the game and the Av to record so... there is the problem i cant use both HDMI and AV at the same time on a xbox...
  6. "You can only use one of the console connectors (in your case the Xbox) at the same time." SO that means i cant use HDMI and The AV cable at the sametime?
  7. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-7-universal-gaming-component-cable-for-xbox-360-playstation-2-playstation-3-and-wii/8716541.p?id=1219375478241&skuId=8716541
  8. Yeah i know that is for the HD PRO version... but i have a AV/compatibility cable plugged into the device and on my pc i can here the sounds of me gaming... So does the HDMI cut off the Video output of the AV/compatibility cable?
  9. you are my second head...lol I can hear sound in the preveiw but there is no video is there something wrong with the video cable or...
  10. Yeah when i unplug the cap device it goes away and when i plug it back in there are 2 Roxio Game Caps
  11. The repair worked when i put it on a thumb drive and i rebooted and everything.... but the software still says No signal in Green letters This what i mean by it still doesnt work
  12. Well then... that was a waste of money i did everything you told me and it still the video doesnt work...
  13. I did that and it didn't work... but i can hear sound but no video so is it the av cable?