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    24/96 Dvd Audio Burning

    Im trying to burn a 24/96 High Definition audio Dvd using a Mac. I purchased the audio from HDTracks.com. I want To Play It in my Porsche Cayenne that can play DVD audio. When I make a DVD with a PC it will play in my car. I use a Different program, not Toast. Any Hints? Thanks Dean
  2. tehewly

    What Product Is Right For Me

    Thanks for the help. The music is uncompressed Aiff.
  3. tehewly

    What Product Is Right For Me

    I want to purchase a high definition audio from HDTracks website and burn to DVD Audio. I have a Mac and I want to be able to keep the 24/96 sample rate. What is the right software for me? I don't want to burn video. Only Audio. Thanks Dean