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  1. K2MUF

    email a photoshow stopped working.

    HI GHENRY54 Using the Technical Support my answer was the program Email has a " BUG " in it and it was being worked on. Did you also get the " send me a screen shot " way of wasting time. Thank you for the information that you are having the same problem with the shows stopping. I was thinking it was on my end. To overcome this problem I started to use the desktop version with all my shows uploaded to the computer. I then remake the show with my original pictures and music, then send it back to the on line program. First you have to delete your original on line show. Compose all your future shows on the desktop version then send it to the on line version and it will no longer stop. I have also found that making the slightest edit to your on line show then saving it may stop the freezing of the show. It did on some of my older shows I could not remake. Think this way is overcoming the Adobe or Java updates??? could be. I also noted that when trying to VIEW your pictures in different shows they are one or all of the following: Missing with a circle spinning ( downloading ), missing with a X in place of picture, random pictures missing with the X, click on "show picture" some show up, some never. Fix the Email. I do not favor LINKING ( sending everyone a link to the show ) because if I make the slightest edit to the show the link changes and the NEW link has to be sent over again. I just paid to renew my subscription to this HORROR SHOW but am trying the trial version of " WONDERSHOW ". Can't find a way to just email the shows with this program. it links to Twitter, Facebook and lots of others but can't find Email. I'm looking Thanks for the answers to my questions. They were a great help in finding I am not alone in my misery.
  2. I have been using the on line version since 2015 without many problems. I have around 40 photo shows. Last week I could upload my pictures but the program would not accept them and gave a message to try again later. I tried again the next day. The same pictures ( 45 ) uploaded and were now entered into the photo show. I created the show and used, as always the email feature to email it. Everyone received it. Today I created another show and used the email feature as always and no one received it. I tried all the email methods and other shows with no results. The email feature no longer works.
  3. K2MUF

    Loading Sequence Of Picture Files

    The pictures are from my camera and downloaded to a folder on my laptop The original jpg file number (provided by the camera) are on each picture. The numbering on some was changed to keep the numbering sequence in order due to pictures moved. The picture numbering is in sequence but the time each picture was taken varies within two hours. I know the order the pictures were taken in and even being numbed in sequence they revert to putting them in order by the TIME the picture was taken not the normal file number sequence. This is an example of the file numbers P431.jpg P432.jpg P433.jpg this continues for 170 pictures. Is there a way to change what the download looks for to keep the pictures in the order you put them. I see now that you can drag and drop photos in the setup sequence so I guess that's the way ill have to get them in the correct order loaded.
  4. I arraigned 170 pictures in the order I wanted them to run in the slide show. They were take at different periods within two hours. I arranged them in exact numerical order like my previous slide shows. When they downloaded the pictures are rearranging to the time they were taken disregarding the numerical order. Can this be changed to the file number instead of the time taken.
  5. K2MUF

    I Have The Same Issue But Really Not

    This time BEFORE clicking on the program desktop icon I shut down the machine's wi fi card. It all worked as above. So I must be using the desktop version. Thanks for your help and patience.
  6. K2MUF

    I Have The Same Issue But Really Not

    Hi SKINS The same page I have is missing the " Export Video File " and the " Burn to Disk " buttons. Otherwise it looks the same. My machine is a 17" laptop, I7 processor running Win 8.1 and Explorer 11. I do use a Reg. cleaner and used it after installing the Roxio program. It runs as part of my Trend virus scan. I am sure when I first installed the program the now missing buttons were shown or I could not have burned the first show to disk or saved it in " My Documents " If I delete the program and re-install it will I loose my 3 shows?? Joe ( I don't know how to attach my view page here } I used the edit function to add the following. I just finished BURNNG my two other photo shows. This was the procedure I used 1: I opened the program using the desktop icon. 2: I could only see my first photo show that I was able to burn. 3: I clicked on my Photo Shows ( top left ) all 3 came up. 4: I clicked on SAVE. They saved to my documents. 5: I then rolled the mouse over one of the show pictures and three buttons came on, EDIT, WATCH, and SHARE. 6: I selected SHARE and the exact screen as yours came up, ( with "export and burn to disk button ) 7: I inserted a blank DVD and clicked on burn and IT WORKED. I created a disk of my two other shows. I followed this same procedure on my old Windows 7 IBM T42p Thnkpad and burned two more disks. What's going on??
  7. K2MUF

    I Have The Same Issue But Really Not

    Hi SKINS Sorry I butted in I have a lot to learn using this site so forgive me. I am using he downloaded and paid for version of the program, would that be the desktop version ?? The instructions I read said a max of 20 meg, glad for the extra even if my attempts at video don't work. I downloaded and created my first show Feb. 3rd and found a " BURN TO DISK " button. IT WOKED and It created my slide show on a DVD. Now I no longer see the create to disk button as well as a share button. Can it be that the function works the first time after download then quits? They still advertise that you can burn your show to disk and input video. Thanks for your help.
  8. I have also tried to load a short 15 meg mp4 file ( the instructions state 20 meg max. ) that I took with my camera and keep getting the same error message. File format not supported. Was the ability to burn to disk removed ?? A few weeks ago I could do it now I can no longer find the "BURN TO DISK" button.
  9. I took a short 15 meg movie with my camera and converted it to Mp3. When uploading it to Photoshow's I get an error message that the file is not valid. I take lots of time reading what a program can do before I buy it. This Photohow's program was, and is still advertised as being able to work with movies as well as photo's. It also states you can burn your show to a disk. I can not perform either of the above functions. WHY??? I am using a downloaded ( Feb. 5th ) version. Is this a desktop version ?