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    Recording Voice/streaming Issues

    Alright! I appreciate the help! And if I'm not able to find anything helpful, I'll just do some experimenting
  2. Imhotep

    Recording Voice/streaming Issues

    I've noticed the GCHD Pro only records voice from my mic when I stream, and not when I record. Does anyone know of a way I could remedy this? I've been looking forward to playing games for YouTube again, but I kinda need voiceover to keep it entertaining (and legal). Also, I've noticed my program only allows for logging into Justin.tv (which has long been shut down), and not to Twitch or to YouTube. I updated it just a few hours ago, so is there something else I'm missing? Answers are appreciated greatly. I'd really love to get back into entertaining you guys ASAP. TL;DR: need use mic for record. How do? Justin.tv broke. Want use Twitch. How do? YouTube fun. You watch. Many laugh.
  3. Imhotep

    Recording Voice/streaming Issues

    Alright! I checked the Streaming section and the second part of my question has been fully resolved! There still remains the voice recording during standard capture. Is there any way I can use a coupler of sorts to add my headset as an input To the GCHD?
  4. I'm actually having the exact same problem with my PS3, but neither display shows up at all. Audio is fine, but blue screen preview and the video on the actual TV is nonexistent. I've reinstalled the program several times and everything is wired up correctly.