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  1. EPiiCxDiGiTaL

    Short Capture - Split

    I'm having the same problem.. I'm hooked-up with the game cap pro so its all hdmi connected for full HD. I have 2 monitors on my pc. The software all works fine except for the green 'Start Capture' button then, it lets me record for '00.00.01' then it does a wierd thing with the screen (verry short time) and stops NO video is even saved! I have checked the settings not much there... I gave the program high priority on my pc still the same problem nothing has fixed it till now. Lucky the 'Start Pre-Roll' button does work and lets me record freely how long as i want and saves the clips to.
  2. EPiiCxDiGiTaL

    Roxio Hd Pro Cant Live Stream To Youtube?

    I have myself a Roxio HD Pro and i can record but i cant live stream i enabled it on my youtube and it says on my youtube account im verified but roxio allways gives me an error saying i need to be verified? Some pictures Can anyone help me on this mather plz?