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  1. Thanks. The waxing worked great and I cut andpasted with thrmendous sucess. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for taking time to reply to what I now understand to be question that you have seen before. Your advice helped me understand that I did have a disc problem also. These aew RW's. Back then we who were naieve thought that RW's were fine, CD's were forever and never thought about OS's changing! Because of your advice I figured out that I only had one split file and a thousand partly unreadable ones. I abandoned the Restore and instead treated my DVD-RW's to a nice thick coat of Armourall and a polishing. I know its a destructive process but it only had to work once. I was really surprised to get at least 99%+ of the photos intact by the old cut and paste. I have 8256 photos. I am very happy. Thank you. I now back up nightly with a 3tb Seagate external HD which seems to only add the changes to my system each night.Hope it works. When I first started looking for a solution in the Roxio forums I couldn't find anything with search. This morning I tried a trick I learned in another forum and Googled Roxio Retrieve and found half a doxen threads on this subject. Thanks for helping.
  3. Hi Hope I am in the right place. Had to guess. In 2004 I backed up all of my photos onto DVD using a Roxio product that I no longer have. The DVD.s contain Roxio Retrieve Version This was done on Windows XP SP3 (or 2). I hecently changed to Windows 7 and lost all of my photos in the process. These 2 DVD discs do contain all of the files. As far as I can tell there is no deterioratiion as they were well stored. The prblem is that Roxio split a lot of the pictures between the two discs so I cannot just copy the files. When I try to restore with this Roxio it loads and then tells me it is restoring 8000 files but always stops "Roxio retrieve has stopped working" about halfway through disc one. It is at a different number each time. I suspect that the problem has to do woth running in Win7 but the Win 7 troubleshooter has ' it asys" created a Win XP enviornment for it to run in and the same problem happens. 1-Is there a way to restore with some kind of update? 2-Failing that is there a way to recombine the thousands of photos in sixteen foldere that have been slpit? Can anyone help please? Back in '04 we never thought that the software wouldnt work when it came time to restore or that the rntire systen would be gone leaving no trace for upgrades. Thanks