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  1. pandabrawler

    No Audio Coming From Ps4

    Oh, my apologies. I haven't used English in awhile. For the first one question, no audio when I capture a file when I hook up my HDMI from my PS4 to the capture device. Video is fine. I then did the test with a different HDMI output source on the same tv. Same result. Then I used a different tv altogether afterwards and same result again. Hopefully this is a better answer. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. pandabrawler

    No Audio Coming From Ps4

    No, when I hook up my PS4 to my tv, sound works no problem. When I do the hook up from the PS4 to the GCHDP to the tv and plug it into my laptop, I get no sound. Same when I do the hook up from my cable box to the GCHDP to the tv and laptop. No sound from that either. I should probably note that last I checked, which was a couple of days ago, I can capture both audio and video with component cables on my PS3 no problems at all.
  3. pandabrawler

    No Audio Coming From Ps4

    So I did what you suggested, this time through my tv itself and same thing happens. The video comes out from the tv no problem but there's no audio. Does this mean my captur device is defective?
  4. pandabrawler

    No Audio Coming From Ps4

    I recently tried using my Roxio Game Capture Pro HD on my PS4 however I can not get the sound to work. The video works no problem in terms of audio, I get no sound coming from either my tv or my laptop, which is what I connect my Game Capture to. I set the audio to HDMI and turned off HDCP and I still can't get it to work. I also updatd my software and nothing has changed. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Has anyone else had this issue before? Any help would be greatl appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.