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    Muffled Audio

    So something I've noticed lately with my Roxio capture card is that the audio on it is extremely muffled. Everything sounds like it's under water or behind a wall. It's not clear at all. This is noticeable in both the streamed/recorded video on the pc as well as on the output signal from the capture card to the tv. I know the capture card is to blame for this as a direct connection from my console to the tv has a much better quality audio signal. The connections are all via HDMI. Anybody have any idea how to "unmuffle" the audio with the capture card?
  2. Gofr

    Bit Rate Not Constant

    I have turned it up, but the volume isn't an issue (well it is extremely low still, but tolerable). No, it just sounds like the sounds is coming from behind a wall. Doesn't sound nice and crystal clear. In my case I'm trying to capture from my Wii U.
  3. Gofr

    Bit Rate Not Constant

    Well I thankfully have a fair connection that can handle the higher bit rate when it increases. The problem is when it goes from a low action scene using a lower bit rate to a high intensity scene with a higher bit rate. The sudden increase takes a few seconds to kick in and results in a very bad image quality for those few seconds until that higher bit rate kicks in. I would really like a constant bit rate just to avoid that. I suppose it can't be helped. Will have to mention that to Roxio directly to include in a future update I guess. By the way, since I'm here, is there anyway to improve the capture audio? I find the sound from the game is not quite clear and somewhat muffled when using this capture card.
  4. Ok, so I wasn't too happy with Roxio's built in streaming service when I first got this card more than a year ago, but recently decided to check for software updates and lo and behold there's now a SP2. Decided to give it a shot and see if the streaming is any better. Unlike before, I can now actually stream on my twitch channel, which is great. Still toying with some settings, but at least it's finally working. Anyway, I my issue now is I seem to be having trouble with the bit rate. Twitch keeps telling it isn't constant. Is there anyway to make it constant? I see nothing in the options and tried looking around the forums here, but don't see it addressed anywhere. Would appreciate any advice on what (if anything) can be done. Thanks.