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  1. HI again, I went and looked for the Updater and found a link you had put on this forum in 2013 I think. It was to Afterdawn. http://www.afterdawn.com/software/cd_dvd/burning/easy_cd_creator_plt_upgrade.cfm When I tried to install it I go a message from my Virus Program that it was an 'Unwanted Program'. It did say it was also including some 'Search Protect' script. I guess that alerted it. ! Anyway I kept on searching and found a link to Roxio which still had it. http://www.roxio.com/Registration/myaccount/Downloads.aspx?download_id=22 ecdc_v5.3.5.10_plt_enu.exe It works after XP is rebooted 2 or 3 times and uses..'Last known ..' I noticed in About it says.. not 5.3 I was able to burn to an image as a .cif and burn a cd from that image. Anyway, if I recall I can only burn to 1 drive. I also wish it burnt an image in a file which is generic like an iso rather than the cif which means I have to use EZCD. As I said before I also have 2009 Clasic so is there a way that it can burn the cif image? Thanbks for your help. oz
  2. HI, Many thanks for the reply and yes that worked !! However, whilst I have it installed and working, and updated 5.02 to 5.1 I cannot get to burn a cif. The Drop Down menu shows the Burn to Image etc grayed out. I can burn to CD but not to/fro image. I was able to get the files using image loader then using Nero burned them to a disc which I will then burn to image. A long way around and I have over 50 of these I need to save. Why would the image part be grayed out? Any idea ? Many thanks for the help thus far. oz
  3. Hi, A few years ago I burned many audio CD images firstly with Easy CD Pro then with EZCD 5. I had misplaced all these files and now use Roxio 2009 and Nero for my newer images all with XP on a box not connected to internet or anything. Now I have found these original images and need to use them. I tried with 2009 but nothing, then tried to convert the cif to iso with MagicISO also with no luck. After seaching I unbelievably found my EZCD5 CD. I tried to install it on my XP box but is said the program was not compatible. Please how can I get my cif files to where I can use them? Thanks oz