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    Slideshow Picture Quality

    Time to close this one..........
  2. ilderton

    Slideshow Picture Quality

    Does it really make a difference MYGUGGI - Surely there is no snobbery here? And in any event - this can't be complicated..........(I'm using Creator Business HD) But my point is additional software of ROXIO functionality should not discriminate here Big car / small car - they use turn left when you turn the steering wheel left Why does ROXIO dumb down my images for no apparent reason?
  3. ilderton

    Slideshow Picture Quality

    Thanks for the prompt reply SKNIS OK - spoon feed me... I have uploaded my 26 images Added my background music Selected Widescreen (16:9) Applied PAN & ZOOM to all for the slide duration- NEXT Preview looks fine How to I now create this slideshow in the Windows Media type file located on my desktop (without poor images) ?
  4. ilderton

    Slideshow Picture Quality

    Hi I've looked at lots of threads/site looking for a solution with no luck Using CREATOR, my slideshow images display poorly I don't understand why Am using a Windows 7 PC with everything standard All of the images are JPEG Can anyone please help?