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  1. Hi, I do not know if this is the correct place where to ask but hope to be in the right place with the right people. I have to create an audio CD (CD-R 80min). So far I worked with Audacity to make it and it is done. I then exported it as WAV 16 PCM. I am using Roxio Creator NXT 4 (on Windows 10 Home x64) but do not know how to make so that when I play the CD into a PC or similar the Audio software player (i.e.: Windows medial player, PowerDVD ......) will show a cover image, title and so on. So far it shows no cover image, Trace 1, Unknown Artist, Unknown Album (30/06/2016 17:37:21). Rather, if I play a commercial Audio CD I can see all properties and a cover image. Can anyone please advise me what I should to accomplish my goal? I already filled in the CD properties customizing both "Track" and "Album" filling in most of those fields but it does not work. Thank you
  2. Sorry, only now I understand: it is Windows 8 that creates this ISO issue. I will try to purchase the upgrade to NXT- Thanks.
  3. Hi Brendon, thank you for your kind reply. Few notes, if possible: 1. I downloaded imgburn from the original developer website. The owner of the project and the software replied as follows: Opencandy isn't a virus, it's a plugin used by the installer that offers 3rd party software as part of the normal wizard. You are free to opt out of anything you don't want. There are no other versions of the installer without it So, I regret but your suggestion does not help. Unfortunately, money induce some developers to use OpenCandy, reguardless. 2. You state that "You can make ISOs with video or data DVDs, and CDs, but not with Audio CDs". Unfortunately, Roxio Creator 2012 does not allow me to create an ISO of my Video DVD and this is why I had to opt for Global-Image (GI) format. 3. When I was stating that "Also, I do not understand wjy ImbBurn works so great and..." I was referring to the fact that ImbBurn was able to succesfully create an ISO file of my Video DVD, something Roxio was not able to do. Why is this happening? This is the part I do not understand. Please see attached file. 4. You mention that "Creator NXT will save Video or data DVDs, and data CDs, to ISO format". Does this mean that, contrary to Creator 2012, NXT will be able to do what I am not currently able to do but able to do with ImgBurn? Can you please elaborate, if possible. Thank you
  4. Hi, I have 2012 running without any issue. May I please learn what is not compatible with Windows 8.1 and why I cannot use 2012 saving some money? So far I did not find any issue with ver 2012 on Win 8.1 I create a new video and wish to create an ISO file so that next time I need to make more copies of the video I created I just select the ISO file and am ready to burn a new DVD. I have my own CD Audio recordings and wish to make an ISO just in case it gets damaged. I purchase a new IT device that comes with DVD media. I wish to create an ISO so that if I loose this media I can get hold of it. I wish to use ISO format so that if I will not use Roxio Creator anylonger I can still use those ISO files I created. Also, I do not understand wjy ImbBurn works so great and am able to create ISO of this DVD but with Creator 2012 which I paid for it I cannot. This is not correct! So, what to do? Do I have to spend €49 to upgrade to nxt version? Will I then have the opportunity to create ISO files? Will it do it??? I tried to download Imgburn but it contains virus (openCandy) and my antivirus alwasy promt me to delete it. Thank you
  5. Hi, I run Windows 8.1 Pro x64 and Roxio Creator 2012 I have a DVD Video and wish to create an ISO of it. Anytime I try to run the procedure, I get this error (I am translating from Italina into English): Impossible to save the image of the disk using the ISO format. Insert another disc or select the Global-Image (GI) format. How to solve this issue? My goal is to obtain an ISO file. Is this possible with Roxio Creator or not? If not, may I please learn why? If not, is it possible with other softwares or it is not possible at all? If so, what can ISO be used for? Thank you