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    Question: Best Way To Burn Apple Prores To Bd

    Hi, I made an export using iMovie 10.1, using Apple PreRes. The info box says: Size 1920x1080, Colorprofile HD (1-1-1), Codecs: Linear PCM, Apple ProRes 422, Timecode. Additional info from QT-infobox: Framerate 29,97, Bitrate 142.0 bit/sec I want to burn a BluRay-disc (BD), but not waste a lot of discs trying the right settings , so my question is: What quality setting in Toast '11 must I use: ​Best ? or Custom, and if so, what settings?:MPEG-4AVC or MPEG-2 Average Bit Rate and Max Bit Rate Motion estimation? Select Half-PEL? Reencoding? Field dominance progressive I am sure Aspect ratio automatic or 16:9 Audio Format: Dolby Digital or PCM, and at what date rate? I appreciate the effort, sincerely
  2. robertapple1

    Blu Ray Burning With Toast 11, Output Imovie '13 Mp4

    Thanks, got it! And tried it (eg 1080p25 MP4 export to toast, BD-image from toast, them BD-image from toast to DVD).......................it worked!Now I can start using Blu Ray discs!
  3. robertapple1

    Blu Ray Burning With Toast 11, Output Imovie '13 Mp4

    Thanks; but I already know the HD-DVD option works. Now I want to know if the BD-option works with 25 fps progressive, cause I read somewhere that 108025p is not a valid BD format....... Guess I just have to try
  4. robertapple1

    Blu Ray Burning With Toast 11, Output Imovie '13 Mp4

    You mean burn a disk image in Blu Ray format and then burn the disk image on a regular dvd? And what BD settings for toast would you advise eg bitrate, encoding (remember the output from iMovie is 1080p25, MP4) etc..
  5. Hi, I use iMovie '13 (latest), Yosemite and Toast '11 I used to burn HD-DVD with Toast 11 from iMovie output (1080p25, played perfect on Harman Kardon Blu Ray player. I want to burn Blu Ray (have Asus BD burner now). The output from iMovie is 1080p25, MP4 Questions: 1. Can I burn a Blu Ray with Toast 11 using this iMovie output; I read somewhere that 1080p25 is not a valid Blu Ray format, and I do not want to end up spending hours of rendering and throwing away BD-discs 2. what Toast settings would be advised Sincerely