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    Recording Has Ripples

    I am using the latest version VHS to DVD 3 plus
  2. CliffL

    Recording Has Ripples

    Using the Roxio easy VHS to DVD software, I am trying to transfer a single VHS tape to a DVD. The program works fine except for the ripple problem & the short no signal problem.
  3. CliffL

    Recording Has Ripples

    It is installed on Dell inspion desktop with i5-4440 processor, 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive using Windows 8.1. what other information would you need?
  4. When recording the picture on the screen has ripples across the very top,of and on. this is not on the vhs tape. I have tried different vhs players. Also when recording once in a while It will show no signal on the screen for about one second and then go right back to the picture. any suggestions for help?