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    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    I didn't try using Toast 10 but I'm sure you're right about the Blu-Ray plugin. I simply reverted to 12.0.1 using Time Machine which seemed to do the trick and I successfully burned five copies of the Blu-Ray today (with a crash or two thrown in for good measure). Over the past 4-5 years I've burned over 100 Blu-Ray discs at 26.0 Mbps and never had a problem, nor had any ProRes issues that I'm aware of... basically prior to the Toast 12.1 update in my experience it's been a solid program which I've used and depended on weekly without significant issues. I'd read many terrible reviews of Toast online, but in my personal experience it had been pretty good right up until last week's update. =(
  2. ProVideo Oregon

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    The source material is five video clips all in Apple ProRes 422 LT format and I have Toast 12.1 set to encode at 26.0 Mbps with Dolby Digital audio at 320kbps (same settings I've used a hundred times before). To add insult to injury, last night I FINALLY got it to successfully finish encoding a project, which it then saved to a disc image (.toast) file... and then of course crashed just as it finished writing the disc image file! Needless to say, when I burned that disc image to BD-R it has errors and freezes up about 3/4 of the way through. So back to the drawing board I go now. Great. I do still have my older Toast 10.0.9 installed, so I think I'll either use it today or try using Time Machine to revert back to Toast 12.0.1. Both of those were stable in my experience.
  3. ProVideo Oregon

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    Toast 12.0.x was formerly stable but now with the newly released 12.1 update I'm getting nonstop crashes while encoding Blu-Rays (twice today already), writing them to a Disk Image (once just now), and burning to BD-R (four times yesterday!) What in the world did Roxio change with this terrible update?? I'm using a top of the line 2012 Core i7 iMac with 32GB of memory, running the latest OS X 10.10.2 so everything is up to spec and nothing has changed other than simply updating Toast to 12.1. Any ideas?? I'm wasting SO much time at work trying to get this to function!