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  1. 41's the charm. Finally success!!!!! After doing a Windows refresh, and installing only my antivirus (Norton), my chosen browser (Firefox), and no windows updates, I have successfully installed NXT 3 complete. Observations: Direct X 9 install took place where it hadn't during other installs. When the refresh was performed some files were reported missing and required Win 8.1 Pro install disk to continue. Don't know if this means anything to you but thought I should mention this, in case it does. Thank you for all your help and patience. I learned a few things on this adventure, and am now the wiser for it. I only hope that the programs meet my needs and expectations. They always have in the past so I'm not too worried. Again thank you. Should you have any questions for me I will periodically check back to this post and try to answer them. I hope our adventure proves help-full to someone in the future.
  2. I have done a refresh of win 8.1. I am unable to do an install at this time. I have requested that my install counter be reset again. When this is done I will attempt another install of nxt 3, hopefully this time with more success.
  3. Jim: I have tried this method yesterday a couple of times just as you have requested. I am waiting for another reset to continue. Not being totally accustomed to Revo, is there a way of looking for remnants of previous installs without there being an install icon showing? I am just trying to think of something I may not be doing right or what. Cdanteek: As to your questions Yes I am using the main administrators account. The other account which I created was also given full administrators privileges. Could the windows install files be corrupt at this point? Is there a way to fix or reinstall them? I ran a reg cleaner program scan to look for reg entries for corel and roxio but found none. Still hangin' in there. Thanks again.
  4. My bad. I am a service tech by trade and was just trying to narrow things down. I did as you asked even going so far as to disable any background apps in the startup folder. Ran the file and it failed with the same results. Log file attached. LogFile 15-02-26 17-38.zip
  5. I downloaded the three files from the site location I was given. I then executed the file equivalent to disk 1. It unpacked the files to a temp directory on disk c: and executed the install. The files were downloaded using internet download manager to a download directory on drive c:. Before initiating the download I ran Revo to check for any leftovers and shut down all background programs that monitor my system, including antivirus and firewall. Note I tried a custom install trying to install only the top item on the list to limit the install activity to only the main part of the program. Hope this helps.
  6. The news is not good. I attempted another couple of installs using Revo Pro for clean up, halted all programs monitoring in the background, including the anti virus. Same issue, same place. Including another log file. LogFile 15-02-25 05-12.zip
  7. Yes I confirm that I created a new user account with admin privileges and closely followed all the steps as outlined precisely. The disks were purchased directly from roxio online and arrived severely scuffed due to being loose in transit. I had them repaired as our local video store has a machine which can restore disks to new condition. This cost me $10. Yes I am connected to the internet while installing. I have also closed, halted, disabled any other programs which would otherwise monitor or interfere in the installation. I even purchased a copy of Revo pro in order to have all the features available to me. This cost me $20. I sincerely hope Roxio can come up with a solution as I have enjoyed their products in the past.
  8. Gentlemen I appreciate your patience with me. I have tried the long way as recommended and attached another log file. As all the others this too has failed. Getting a little impatient at this point, not with your help; but with this software. If you have any more tricks in your bag, I would like to hear of them. I await further instructions. LogFile 15-02-23 22-07.zip
  9. As stated in the article I am installing from my hard drive, have been from about the third or forth attempt. Now looking at 21st attempt. Still will not install. Could it be that I have faulty disks? to begin with. Can I get a download option even though I bought the program disks? Your thoughts please.
  10. I have located the log files in (This PC-Local disk C:-Program Data-Roxio Log Files). I decided to attach the log file before I go any further. I did try your first suggestion but stopped short of the lengthy one. This resulted in another fail with error 064A. Hope this file will expose the issue. LogFile 15-02-22 13-48.zip
  11. I again followed the directions you suggested and under (licensed user-appdata-roaming-roxio log files) there are no log files for nxt 3 only folders for Roxio back on track, creator 2012 pro: empty, creator pro disk 2. What next please?
  12. Ok now. I tried to locate the log files for NXT3 but there were none in the location you mentioned. I remembered I had Creator 2012 installed for a short time awhile ago, so I reinstalled it then uninstalled it using Revo Pro. To my disappointment the install attempts have resulted in the same 064A error code. I watch the install and it seems to crap out while trying to setup the virtual drive 64. I am again running out of installs as I have now used another 7 or so. I have never had such a difficult time with an install like this one. If it makes any difference I am using a 64bit version of win 8.1. Thanks again for your help. Would 064A possibly be some error related to my 64 bit system?
  13. Thanks for the advice I did so and he did reset my counter. I am now having issues with error code 064A I cannot find an install log to attach. I am running win 8.1. Thanks
  14. My problem is in trying to install Creator NXT Pro3 on a computer which has not had any Corell programs installed on it to this point. I am trying to install it in win 8.1. I started to get program interupted and failed install messages then issues with 0649 issues. I followed the knowledgebase resolution instructions but before I was successful I got the message Key used too many times. How can I get my key usage reset so I can continue to try and successfully install my product. My disks were delivered damaged and I had to get them repaired. My installs from the disk were unsuccessfull so I tried from my hard drive when I ran out of key usages. Any help would be appreciated.