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  1. You are correct in stating that I do not really have any idea what I am talking about. My profession is in no way related to DVD burning. However, after reading several replies from "gurus" I discovered that many details were frequently asked for. For this reason, I supplied as many details as I could. I bought Memorex at first because they were the only brand available to me in person at the time and I figured I would have a learning curve. The Verbatim I purchased afterward have resulted in just as many frisbees instead of playable DVDs. I understand that some DVD players will not read burned discs, which is why I have tested all of my frisbees on 2 different players of different brands. You say that "The "normal" flow is to use Record Edit Save and then in the 'save' step, burn to disc." - I will try that but nowhere in the pitiful excuse for instructions does it advise that you must save a project PRIOR to burning it. I did the record edit burn exit+save routine.
  2. OK, after many wasted DVDs and hours of frustration - here it is. Even though the software says it will have a yellow caution exclamation mark if your project is too large - you can fit a MAXIMUM of 35 (yes, thirty five) minutes of multiple clips on one disc at "best quality" with a menu. You can fit one clip slightly longer. I figured this out by burning about 20 discs and trial and error. A disc with 36 minutes of footage from 5 clips was a no go (same error message as my original post) but the same project with one less small clip for a total of 34 minutes and a few seconds in 4 clips WORKED. Kinda crummy for a disc that claims to be 120 minutes, but hey, 4.7 GB is 4.7 GB and apparently with this program and the BEST quality setting it works out to 35 minutes with several clips or a bit longer with only one clip. Haha, just kidding. The very next disc I tried had 4 clips totaling 15 minutes and got the error message. Not sure what this software's problem is but if tech support can enlighten me I will pass it along. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up.
  3. Update: I have had one more successful burn. Again only a single clip on the disc, but still using the record and edit feature. Have opened a case with customer support as I have just purchased this product and will keep updating for everyone else out there who is experiencing this issue.
  4. Please help! I am trying to transfer a collection of home videos from VHS to DVD for my mother for Mother's Day. I am using the record and edit feature, in order to have each separate event (party, holiday, etc) available to select on the menu screen. I have chosen 4 clips, totalling 45 minutes in length and burned them to a DVD. The quality is set at "best" and I have not selected either autofit or span. I get this message when I try to play it in my Samsung Blu-Ray/DVD player - "The disc cannot be played. Please check the TV system."; I get the same error when I try it on our other player which is a Sony. I have used both a memorex DVD+R, and a Verbatim DVD-R and gotten the same result. All of these discs play on my computer without any issues, but will not do ANYTHING on a DVD player. The ONLY way that I have had success playing on a DVD player was when I did not use the edit feature, and only pushed play and transferred the whole tape to one disc.