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    Dvd Burning Program Recommendation

    Thanks for the NXT 3 reference. Just for the record, I didn't say I was going to try to burn movies to a CD, but it never hurts to clarify things.
  2. Mods, I know this isn't the right forum--I'm just not sure where to post this, as I don't know which Roxio program I need. Feel free to move this whereever you want to. After years of freeware, I’ve decided to take the plunge and start paying for DVD burning software. I’m looking for one program that can do Burn files to DVD or CD Convert MP4 to a DVD format (that can play on a traditional DVD player hooked up to a TV) and burn that file to a DVD disk. For this purpose, I wouldn’t need complicated editing options—just the ability to view an MP4 as a DVD file. Burn mp3s to either CD or DVD Does Roxio offer a program that does all this? I’m sure 1 & 3 aren’t a problem, but trying to get 2 down is always a hassle for me.