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    It is a Sony CCD-TRV108 NTSC. Thanks to all who replied. All my questions were answered, and I actually went ahead before I read the replies with the splitter of the white plug into two plugs (had that on hand from a long time ago), and I am recording everything in 30 minute increments to join together in however many DVD's it takes. I appreciate the answers 'cause now I know I'm not just being stupid and missing something. Thanks!
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    Just thought I'd throw a few questions out there and see what I get. First, probably a simple one, but if I have a DVD that says 120 minutes, and I'm trying to transfer a video off a tape that was also 120 minutes, why do I get a not enough space message? Next, I picked up a Sony camera at a garage sale the other day, so I can finally transfer my old tapes to DVD. The camera has a S-video connection, and A/V out connection for audio. Why is it that if I connect both the red and white connections to the video capture USB device, I get a loud buzzing from the red connection? I have to record with only the white connection, which works fine but I'm not getting stereo sound. And I guess one more question, somewhat related to the first - I noticed on my first tries that the Roxio app would stop recording at times when I thought I was leaving it to record the whole tape. It took me four "pieces" to record my first 120 minute tape. Thanks anyone!