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  1. Thanks for your help! I'm struggling to understand this step: "choose DVD with the top button of the Popcorn Media Browser. Double click on what appears in the browser window and drag the titles you want from the browser to the main window. Now do the conversion." Can you try reworking it and walking me through? Thanks Again!
  2. I got popcorn version 4 for one purpose and thats to convert my non encrypted DVD's into Apple TV format. The SW seems incapable of doing this It always flags some sort of error message. Has anyone got any advise or explanation? Is there anyone at Roxio I can call and complain? Thanks
  3. I'm trying to convert a TS_Video folder into apple TV format and save it to itunes. Every time that I do anything I get an error code saying -36 Does anyone know what this means? I'm running version 0402 Thanks Steve
  4. smcrea

    Converting A Dvd To Ipad

    If I wish to convert a TS-Video Folder to ipad then what format do I use from the video standard button at the bottom? The drop down has iphone and ipod but no ipad Would ipod work OK on an ipad? Thanks
  5. smcrea

    TOAST 7.1 VS LEOPARD 10.5

    I see that Roxio have said that they will be releasing a toast 7 update to fix the issues with Leopard. Does anyone have a clue when this will be? I'm waiting for it! I see that they have issued the Toast 8 update already. Thanks, Steve
  6. smcrea

    Updating to Toast 7 from Toast 6

    I currently have Toast 6 and am happy with it. I do intend to upgrade my OS to OSx 10.5 in the Spring. I have noticed through my experience with Popcorn that Roxio will all of a sudden stop supporting a particular version of Software as was the case with Popcorn 1 when OSx went to 10.4.8. Now to my question. Roxio are selling Toast 7 for $50. Obviously they are getting ready to launch Toast 8. I am wondering if it's worth while getting this toast 7 for $50 as I'm scared that when we move to OSx 10.5 and we are on Toast 8 then they will stop supporting my Toast 6. Is this a reasonable assumption and is it a good deal? Or should I just wait for Toast 8 and pay the $100 ? I'm not sure how many bells and whistles that I really need!. I would actually be quite happy staying at Toast6 as long as Roxio supported it! I'd really like to see some opinions on if I should buy or not? Thanks, Steve
  7. Can anyone give me some help? I am running OSX 10.4.8 I had been using Popcorn 1.03 for about 18 months with no problems at all. Then my main HD crashed and I was forced to re-install popcorn and then I updated my v1.0 to v1.03 I just used it for the first time and found that straight after it had finished extracting the app crashed!! I had copied the icon to a folder that was nested several layers down in my Apps folder, so I thought that it may be having a problem finding a resource like Quicktime or something. So I moved the icon to the apps folder top level. It is still doing the same thing. I re-installed Popcorn but still no good! Has anyone got any suggestions? It's most annoying seeing as I've used it so much in the past with zero problems!! Thanks for any help that you can give. Steve.
  8. smcrea

    Use of Deja Vu

    I have never used Deja Vu before. It seems pretty simple but I have some basic questions with regard to backing up in general. I now have 2 internal 400G SATA Seagate Drives. I have Deja Vu which I got with Toast6 and upgraded for $10. I am new to backing up so I have some really basic questions: Given the 3 different types: - Straight backup of specific files - Clone my entire system disk - Mirror my system disk I don't have any partitions, so I was thinking that cloning my main disk/startup volume is the way to go. Has anyone got any suggestions on which is the best option? One question I have on cloning is that, say I upgrade an application, will that upgrade be reflected in the backup after the next backup is performed? Does this clone look and feel EXACTLY like the original so that if my main drive died I could just plug and play? without reloading anything? All the books say that Mirror is to risky! Any particular advise on backing up before I start? Many Thanks, Steve