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  1. After getting Toast 11.2 to work as it should a few months ago, thanks to a contributor to these pages, I had occasion today to repeat the exercise to copy a non-copyright DVD. And it failed miserably. I am using a MacBook Pro 15" mid-2012 build with OSX 10.8.5. Toast appears to copy the "master" disc OK but I've experience repeated failures with the writing process. When the writing process is about 55-60% complete, the process stops and the same error message appears: Drive reported an error Sense key=illegal request Sense code=0x30,0x05 Cannot write medium - incompatible format. Disc failed to be written I thought that I had salvaged enough of the copy to be OK but it sent Apple's DVD Player into a paroxysm of spinning beach ball that I had to force quit to regain control of my computer. I've been unable to find readily anything relevant in the knowledge base and suspect its search engine is next door to useless anyway. I'm using the same media (make etc) as I used with the previous copying task which was successfully completed and the app's "Help" function is pretty hopeless too. Advice, please, and keep it simple. If it gets too complicated I get lost and being an oldie I don't have much time to waste.
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    Problems With Toast

    Thanks, tsantee, Your comprehensive and clear instructions and tips are most helpful and now toast is working as I believe it should. :) :)
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    Problems With Toast

    As a newcomer to Toast, purchased in a bundle through another forum group, I've found it difficult to work with and cannot figure out how it works because my experience and what I see and happens on-screen bears little resemblance to the tutorials. Please bear with my ignorance but perhaps my brain doesn't work in accordance with the conventions used by Toast's developers. Sorry, but that's what is. First question: How do I ascertain the version of Toast that I have, please? I think I have Toast Titanium 11 and I have updated it but beyond that I have no knowledge. Opening the app and clicking on the Toast Titanium title in the menu bar produces no result as the "About Toast" menu item is greyed out. Second question: How do I get the copy function to work, please? Following the instructions in the Toast Titanium User Guide​ is practically useless to me because when I follow the prescription for a single drive machine nothing happens apart from a few clicks and whirrs. No ejection of disk after copying; no prompt to insert blank disk; nothing. Perhaps I'm impatient but waiting for several minutes after the whirring and clicking have stopped seems like far too long for an i7 CPU machine operating normally otherwise. My experience of similar Window-based products usually keep the user informed if a process takes some time with messages like "Reading Disk" etc. Nothing appears on my screen to tell me what's happening. Also, the link to the copying dvd tutorial given in the support page appears to refer to an earlier version of Toast; it bears no relationship to the version that opens on my screen. I'm (not) using Toast Titanium on a 15" mid-2012 MacBook Pro with OSX 10.8.5. All suggestions gratefully received, because Toast is not, so far, living up to its reputation.