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    Nxt3 No Support/follow Up On Product!

    Sigh of relief! Thank you so much for making a simple solution to my many attempts at frustration. I will be on the lookout. Thanks again.
  2. Can someone help me? I have purchased the Roxio Creator NXT3 on Feb 18,2015. I have been using Roxio Creator Home edition and was sent an email from Roxio for CreatorNXT3 for a special price of $--. I went ahead and ordered the product from Roxio via Digital RIver for a great price along with free 3D glasses. This was the physical disk version. The product came in promptly via US mail. When I opened the undamaged sealed Priority package the glasses where just setting on top of the disk pack and the glasses had the lens popped out of them and the disk case was broken into in the middle where the glassed where sitting on top of it, the disk appears to be warped and I am afraid of trying to install it. The problem I am having is Roxio/Corel have made no effort to get in touch with me, I have tried 4 different sources and keep getting tossed around then the last contact I made was something about you will be contacted within 6 hours of filing the contact. It has been 18 hours and I still have not had a response or acknowledgement I am a human. I can list all of the sources I have tried contacting but I think that would be overkill. I am also told in one of my 4 emails that I need to register the product before I can make a support case. I am not going to attempt to install a possible defective product just so they can say HEY you registered it now it's yours. Please, can anyone provide me a contact email where I can send my photo files along with explanation of my problem. I have a product I can't use and I have a company who makes no way for me to contact them. I am frustrated and don't know what to do. The contacts I have made! Each telling me they can't help go here, here, here and here! Does anyone at Roxio/Corel care about followup with the customer? www.CustomCD.com 'oem@roxio.com' support-sonic@customcd.us http://support.roxio.com/ Thank you for contacting the Sonic Solutions Online Store.