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    Toast 12 Not Compatible With Yosemite

    this toast 12 Titanium is unbelievable, and its wrong. the nonsense i have to put up with is absolutely ridiculous i re-install, it worked and then when i tried another disk, it went back to its old tricks....what a wast of time
  2. Mightymorris

    Toast 12 Not Compatible With Yosemite

    i wasted so many dvd's myself
  3. Mightymorris

    Writing Lead-In And Dvd Burning Problems

    For some reason when I am burning a dvd, i keep on getting stuck at this point where it says, "Writing Lead-in......................This may take longtime. Please ensure your Mac does not go to sleep" it remains at 0% for hours. is there anyone out there that understands what may be the issue here