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  1. Thank you Sir, I will try that. You are very nice to help an old Lady. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Christine
  2. Thank both of you for your help you I will try to split as you suggested , Idid not know how long the video was and all the program would do was give me a hour , when I saw that it was running longer, I kept adding minutes where it said to till the vidieo tape finished. I had no ideo it was so long. I did not want to play the vhs too much because it is so old . Thank you both very much. Christine
  3. Thank you for replyying. I did have the cables hooked into the wrong side of the VHS. Was able to record Videio but did not know how long it was. It is a 28 year old vhs of my son racing & I had to keep adding min after the 1 hr .It ended up 2hrs & 6 seconds.I put it for the best quaility .Anyway iwhen I got ready to burn it ,It said it was too long for my 4.38 free space disk which said it had 120 min. on it It said space needed was 184 GB.. What did I do wrong? I'm sorry but am older & not techie @ all. Would appreciate any help. Thank You
  4. Thank you for responding, I'm very slow @ email ,and everything else,

    1. Headrick


      I got the program working,went to burn it to disk and the VHS was 2 hour,6 seconds long .said it was 184 GB and my disk is 4.38 free space. tried brand new ones with same results. Know I must have done somtehimg wrong, just don't know what. Thank you for any help.

  5. cannot burn to disk because VHS too long?

  6. I am older and not techie. and bought the Roxio EASY VHS to DVD 3 Plus and am not having any luck understanding how this works I followed the Instruction as best I could but do not see my VHS tape to preview and the supposed help is no help at all.They said waiting for more info. and when I tried to send after waiting 2 days for responce they would not reconize my email. I am ready to take this back to the store. Would appreicate any help.