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  1. Hi Brendon, I did request for a refund which has now been approved. Just on a similar note, few years back I purchased Creator NXT 3 (possibly in 2013) which I have been using on my old laptop ( i3 ASUS S200E) successfully without much problem. It is disappointing that the actual software of NXT 7 seems to be similar if not the same as per the earlier version. In fact when VIDEOWAVE of NXT 7 was running on the new laptop, the Task Manager was showing that VIDEOWAVE was running as a 32 bit process. I suppose I will have to look for alternative software that can support 4K and also has an audio recording/editing capability.
  2. Drendon, Good to hear that you had the same problem as me.. I had some feedback from support. They did ask if I am using a 64 bit Windows which I am on this new laptop. In addition, I had the following reply from Corel support: It seems that I will have to ask for my money back regarding this software. Edsel Teodoro (Corel) Sep 27, 10:33 EDT Hello Tony, Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. My name is Edsel and I have been assigned to your ticket. I do apologize for the inconvenience. I understand that you are having an issue while using our program. Let me go ahead and help you. With regards to your concern, I do apologize but the 4K resolution is not supported by the program. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Regards, Edsel Corel Customer Support Services
  3. Thank you for the information. All other video formats seem to play correctly but not the 4K videos. I just purchased and downloaded the ROXIO NTX 7 PRO. I will contact support and see what they say.
  4. I have just installed Roxio Creator NXT and loaded in a 4K video captured from a SONY AXP33 camcorder. No sound is played just a loud noise trying to play the video. The video is an MP4 file as per the sample attached below. Apologies as this may be too big of a file. C0018.MP4 Any ideas about this problem? The video plays well within Windows Media Player and other applications. Thank you for any help you can provide. If this issue cannot be resolved, I have no need for this software. Regards,