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    Degrades Play Quality From Imovie

    I found that there were complaints online that MPEG Streamclip was not updated for Yosemite and had problems. But I ended up being able to follow your instructions by importing to my Quicktime Pro 7 and found all the same settings you instructed! Thanks. Though a couple small hitches and a little graininess on a couple of the still photos the smoothness of the video is much improved. I seem to be getting a glimpse that video formats can get quite complicated. Thanks again for your help!
  2. KeithJames

    Degrades Play Quality From Imovie

    Hi DG: I appreciate your extra thought on the matter. I'll follow through on this!
  3. KeithJames

    Degrades Play Quality From Imovie

    Hi DG: Thanks for these tips. I couldn't find where these quicktime settings are. I'm in iMovie 10.0.6 I looked for this in iMovie and couldn't find any share to Quicktime nor menu for these settings. Then I looked at a desktop copy/clip of the movie which is in quicklime and tried to re-save it to find new settings but this didn't get me there either.
  4. KeithJames

    Degrades Play Quality From Imovie

    I burned my first DVD on Toast DVD and I was a little disappointed. It's a 5 minute music video. There are many fade ins and outs with different photos on top of a running film of moving country side filmed from a car window. I'm disappointed with the lack of smoothness in the video and it's not just the faster moving country side, even the opening garage door which smoothly rises in the original video does not rise smoothly in the burned Toast version, showing little hold-ups and then catch ups in the motion. It's subtle, but visible and disappointing and takes away from the quality of the video. I played with custom settings but didn't achieve any improvements. Is this lack of quality built into the product meaning I need a higher quality burner software of are my settings wrong? Thanks for comments.