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    Spin Doctor Review

    I have tried to use Spin Doctor to record music off the internet. The instructions from Toast 9.0 were dismal and locating them from the website took more time than it's worth. I was able to install the necessary the files by opening up Spin Doctor by pecking through the menus and finding the proper startup files. Here where the difference with Easy CD Creator starts. There is no easy way to set the recording level automatically as you can in Easy CD. You have to adjust the browser volume if your recording volume is too loud or too quiet. Secondly, I still get some intermittent feedback when recording. Not sure how to fix that yet. Anyone with a suggestion would be helpful. In the future I will try to uncheck "Play input through speakers" and see if that will make a difference. There is no choice to automatically stop recording after a set period of silence as in Easy CD. Instead you have to select the period of time you want to record. Also you are not able to shut off the system sounds as you are able to in Easy CD. Once finished with the recording, editing the file is more cumbersome as well. The auto-defining of tracks is far better than any previous version of Easy CD or Toast. Plus the ID of tracks is far more sophisticated than previous versions. This is a few of the features I enjoy in this version. Editing tracks is far more difficult as you are unable to zoom waveforms far enough to see where to splice tracks or create new tracks. I bought Toast 9 after using Toast 8, and finding no good way to record music off the internet with the Mac. I am overall happy with Toast 9.0 as a video and audio recorder/editor and CD/DVD burner. I just miss some of the more robust features available for the PC counterpart, Easy CD. I hope that future versions or revisions of Toast will be able to incorporate more of the features already available for the PC.
  2. jgleas

    Label Creator out of memory

    I was using version Roxio label ceator 7.5 and now 9.0. It didn't matter which version I created the .jwl file. Label Creator would not work, until I rebooted several times and now it unexplicably works fine. Go figure.
  3. When I try to reopen a *.jwl file. I recieve an error message and Label Creator freezes. Any Ideas how to fix this problem besides using another program? Thanks, JG