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  1. We are trying to set up the Standard Game Capture. We have an Xbox 360E ( not the slim). We have hooked it up in what we believe is the correct way with the correct cords. We have a component cable plugged into the the HDMI port of the Xbox. The other end is plugged in to the Game Capture box using the 5 audio and visual ports. Then we have a cable connected to the back of the Game Capture box to the back of the TV. A USB cable runs from the back of the Game Capture to our computer. It is the same hookup as illustrated in the Quick Set up Guide. When we do this, nothing happens. The screen on the TV is black and there is nothing on the computer. We have tried it in several openings on the back of the TV, No sound either. Does anyone have experience with this? Maybe its not compatible with the Xbox 360E (not slim)?