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    I'm A Noob, Please Help

    Indeed, and I'll assume that's your way of saying I need the original copy. Oh well, guess I'll just buy another one with the full set this time. Thanks!
  2. apex_altaroth

    I'm A Noob, Please Help

    Ahhh, well that's a little lame. Well thanks! Does it have to be the same CD it came with, or can I try to find another one?
  3. apex_altaroth

    I'm A Noob, Please Help

    I bought a Roxio gamecap device used online. It's not the HD pro, just standard. I tested all the cables and they work just fine. However, when I tried using Adobe Live Media Encoder, I noticed it would only register the audio. So I went into my device settings and it recognized the Roxio as only an audio device. I tried troubleshooting and installing any missing drivers, but it made no difference. If I bought it used, and it came with nothing but the device itself and the necesary cables, am I missing something crucial? Furthermore, I wanted to register my device on the site, but I need the CD Key. It didn't come with the CD, so is there any way around this, or am I just boned? Thanks in advance.