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  1. Sure. I'll post a reply tomorrow. Thanks for the responses so far.
  2. I already done that. Its hooked up to the usb port on the back, tried different ones already.
  3. Im aware of the delay from the monitor to the actualy encoding on PC because of the rendering process. But sometimes it takes like 5-7 seconds till i hear some audio. No i don't have any other component cables. Yes, my PS3 is connected to my TV through the roxio gamecap device, the image is okay, its normal.
  4. My PC is an HP desktop, I7 2600 3.4Ghz, 4GB of RAM, GTX430, Windows 7 64-bit, 300gb left of HDD.
  5. Hello. I've been testing my gamecap (SD) for the first time. There is signal showing, but the image stutters and is distorted, and the sound is way late. I've recorded a video, despite all the issues, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEJsCEYPda8 Please help