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  1. Many thanke for your reply Jim - most appreciated. I will take your advice and look at the options you suggested, Best wishes to you.
  2. Hell Jim, My utmost apologies for being absolute dill. (Australian slang for a fool or idiot). It was a breeze to delete the existing sound track; however, I am having a great deal of trouble trying to insert another piece of music on the video to replace the deleted one. I would be most grateful for some pointers on how to go about this. I hate asking you this but I am obviously missing something that is possibly staring me in the eye. However, I am continually going through the same process - with the same result - failure to create a new sound track on the snippet I am testing. ​I am making the assumption that I use the same software to place the new sound track on the original mpg file. ​Once again apologies for the trouble I am causing you. ​Kind regards Frank
  3. Hello, Digital_Guru is correct, A Roxio sound editor is part of the program that I bought a couple of years ago. After installation of the program I finished up with two short-cut icons - one for Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 3 and one called Sound Editor. Thank you Jim for the advice and solution you gave - it is most appreciated. Regards Frank
  4. Hello Jim_Haden, Thank you for the post - as usual I appreciate your interest. I have almost completed my conversions the average length of the conversions is around 20 minutes - some as low as 10 minutes the rest have a maximum of 30 minutes. Some of the conversions have quite poor sound quality. The majority of these have background music without dialogue. I was hoping I could remove all the existing sound then replace it with better quality background music. As for your query: "Overwrite/replace the Menu Audio" I confess to not knowing what you mean by that !! - I am getting older Jim - although everybody is I suppose. Thanks again for your help Kind regards Frank
  5. Hello again Digital Guru. Thank you for taking the time to respond - I did determine without doubt that the Roxio Sound Editor is part of the VHS2DVD program. However I may have led you astray by referring to it as Roxio Sound Editor instead of Sound Editor. Lo And Behold when I got back to answering your post I see that my friend has already established that above. Non the less - thank you for your interest - it is appreciated. Kind regards, Frank
  6. Hello, This is the first time I have tried to use the Roxio Sound Editor. Whilst changing the existing back-ground sound to something more suitable may be simple to do I am finding it hard to come to grips with. The existing background music on the (almost finished) conversions is quite distorted so I would like to replace that music with something more suitable. I have searched the site for some help on this but came up with very little that appeared to be relevant. I realise that I am being overly cautious but I would be most grateful if some kind person who is well versed in the procedure would point me in the right direction - or to some existing posts on this subject. Alternatively, be kind enough to jot down some 'one liners' that would steer me along the process. I realise I am asking a lot but I would be extremely grateful for your help. Many thanks in anticipation. Frank
  7. FrankieBabe

    How To Join Multiple Small Videos To Create One Video

    Thank you Digital Guru for your reply - it is very much appreciated. I haven't tried it yet but it all makes sense. Love that dog by the way!! Kind regards.
  8. Hello, Is it possibble to join together several small videos together so that I finish up with one video? Many thanks in anticipation.
  9. FrankieBabe

    Recommended Conversion Formats

    Thank you for your reply Jim - it is appreciated. I will stick with the EVD and get more familiar with the program then maybe give the Corel Program a go. Thanks a lot for advice - really appreciated. Regards
  10. FrankieBabe

    Recommended Conversion Formats

    Thank you Jim for your reply - and patience. Unfortunately I was in a hurry as I was running late for an appointment when I posted my response to your advice. With hindsight it would have been better if I had left it until now before responding to your previous post. So, if you don't mind I will start over again. When I created the tape(s) content I made a note of the exact second between each of the topic changes. I would like to add a title and contents for each of the extracted segments of tape However the more I think about it, the solution would be to extract just as you suggested. Then, as a separate exercise create footage for the titling/credits/content. I could then combine the extracted footage in the manner you suggested. So I finish up with something like the following:- Newly created Content Title footage + extracted footage as you described + Newly created "The End" footage. What do you think? As an aside I do have a copy of Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 and a copy of Corel VideoStudioX9 neither of which I have used in earnest. I am more than happy to get to grips with either of these programs if you think it would be an better way. I do apologise for my slow and cautious approach to what may appear to be a simple task. In addition I really appreciate the time you have taken to help me get to grips with my project. Thank you so much. Kindest regards
  11. FrankieBabe

    Recommended Conversion Formats

    Thank you Jim for the prompt, easy to follow directions - most appreciated. When I created the tape(s) content I noted to the second each of the topic changes. When following your suggestions I am assuming it is of no consequence if I (deliberately) include a lead-in and lead-out portion of tape for further trimming and editing. That is subsequently add a title and other history related content. Many thanks again for you help Kind regards. Frank
  12. FrankieBabe

    Recommended Conversion Formats

    Hello again, I am a little confused as to whether I post on the existing topic or create a new topic. I have now created a number of conversions from my tapes. Once I got the properties I was after I converted nine complete tapes. With the exception of two I was able to convert the complete tapes as one file. The remaining two I had to convert into two parts due to an extended gap in the recordings. I am now in a position whereby I need to separate each tape's content into the tapes topics. For example one tape has two topics - I can't see a problem there as I assume I just split the contents over one or more files before saving to one or more a DVDs. My main problem is when there are as many as 20 or more topics on some of the converted files. I am under the impression that if I extract three or more topics from the converted file (for subsequent burning to DVDs so that each of the topics have their own dedicated DVD) then the balance of the tape content is lost. Is this correct? This leaves me a couple of options:- 1) Create several of the identical DVD. 2) Convert the tape into smaller files. 3) Convert the tape into individual or similar topics. I sure would be grateful for your help showing the best way of creating files (for transfer to a DVD) from a tape having so many topics. Many thanks in anticipation. Frank White
  13. FrankieBabe

    Recommended Conversion Formats

    Hello Jim and thank you for your quick reply. I must be going around the bend. All of the videos I have are PAL - no exceptions. From what I understand PAL uses a frame rate of 25 fps and a 720x576 aspect ratio. I was under the impression that we sorted this out in previous posts. I experimented with 720x576 and 640x512. Both results seemed to be "good to OK" to my untrained eye. I had bad output on one tape using 640x512 but the same tape was quite good using 720x576 - so I went with 720x576. Thanks once again for your invaluable pointers - I really do appreciate the advice you give. Kind regards Frank
  14. FrankieBabe

    Recommended Conversion Formats

    Hello, I am now converting some of my video tapes - currently I do the following in this sequence:- Start the Roxio Easy VHS Tape To DVD 3 Plus program. 1) From the two panels displayed - select the “Record, Edit and Save” panel. 2) From the now displayed Project Selection panel select the “Start A New Project” button. 3) Click on the “Import Video” button. 4) Select a video snippet having required properties. Currently: Video Template.mpg in the “D:\ Captured Videos” directory. 5) Click on the blue and white “Ready To Export” arrow button - bottom right corner. 6) Select the “Computer” properties screen. 7) Set the “Data Rate” to 15000 (Best Quality). Adjust any other setting if required. 8) Select “Edit Videos” arrow button. Bottom left corner. 9) Delete previously loaded short video snippet (Video Template.mpg). 10) Start initial part of the recording process by clicking on “Record Video” button. 11) Double click on Video Name content (My Video (x)) and rename to suit. 12) Press “Start Recording” button. Allow for about a 5 second pause before recording starts. 13) When finished recording press the Blue and White Button (Ready To Export) button. 14) Check the settings now displayed to screen. 15) If all OK press the Blue and White Button (Export) button. 16) Processing now takes place. 17) When processing is finished a message appears to that effect. 18) Press the “Open Location” to check content or ‘Done” button to finish the process. Advanced Settings:- Compression = MPEG2 Resolution = 720 x 576 Frame Rate = PAL (25 fps) Data Rate = 15000 kbps This procedure is contrary to the advice you gave me previously so I would appreciate it greatly if you could advise whether the above mentioned procedure is suitable or whether I am compromising the finished product. Sorry to be a pain in the backside. Kind regards. Frank
  15. FrankieBabe

    The Helping Hands

    I visit this site reasonably often and search for a solution to my problem(s). When I can't find a solution I submit a post asking for assistance. What puzzles, and aggravates, me is the lack of appreciation shown by a heck of a lot of people seeking assistance – and when given, don’t bother to write a note of thanks for the suggestions made - helpful or otherwise. Just thought I would get that of my chest.