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    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Setup Help!

    I will thanks.
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    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Setup Help!

    Hello, So i have been trying to set up sounds so that my roxio game capture records it. So basically i have this setup. I have a Asus G750JS-T4064H Gaming Notebook (HDMI Wire Output from Capture Card) Acer G246HL Abd 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor (HDMI wire from monitor to capture card imput)Acer Aspire V5 Touch Notebook Turtle Beach Headset X12 Roxio Game Capture HD PRO Do note that my monitor does not have any speakers at the back. I am trying to record my Gaming notebook. However I have no idea how to set it up despite looking at the manual countless of times. Also, audio seems to not function even though i can record the screen. I want it so i can record it on my acer aspire v5 touch notebook, and able to play the game on my notebook. (with sound) Please help! Thank you.
  3. Plugged in RGC to PS4, but cant capture anything. Everytime i go into the capture state on my laptop, it status goes from ready to no signal and goes through over and over again . The preview capture screen also flickers black and blue and sometimes show the capture. Please help :C Thanks
  4. Hello, i've tried multiple ways to setup the recording software(with sound) without any luck. Lets say i have a monitor that does not have any speakers, so i'm supposed to link a hdmi cable to the capture card. Then i link the output hdmi cable to the monitor right? that way all the video and audio goes through the card. I am trying to set up the recording software so that i can hear the sound being recorded and also have it get recorded by the card Thanks Brian
  5. hmm what do you mean that rgc and software can only record audio that is input into device? that means it only can record audio that is going through the device?