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    Upgrading From Roxio 9

    Above and beyond the call!
  2. FresnoDick

    Upgrading From Roxio 9

    Thanks Brendon, that gives me the information I need, and I appreciate your patience squeezing the information you needed out of me. .RCL incompatibility is not a problem since I only have 12 or so of those files, and probably will never need them. Also I still have EMC 9 on a laptop and a little-used desktop. Again, my thanks for your expertise and quick replies.
  3. FresnoDick

    Upgrading From Roxio 9

    The old one was uninstalled and can't be re-installed, but the installation program is RoxioEMCSuitev9.0_efisd_R03 Almost certainly not 2009 because the date of the file is December 2006. The upgrade that I have already purchased is CreatorNXT3_Part1_Setup and CreatorNXT3_Part2_Content I looked at the version of the old one when I was trying to get help with it and it was 9. something. Thanks
  4. FresnoDick

    Upgrading From Roxio 9

    Yes, but I always think of it as Roxio since that's the name of the folder and the name it had when I had an early version, maybe 15 years now. Thanks
  5. FresnoDick

    Upgrading From Roxio 9

    Thanks for the information and the advice on the second matter. I should have asked this before buying, but at least I can ask before installing: Is this new version backward compatible with Roxio 9 data files? That is, will it burn saved .gi images and audio projects (.ROXIO)? What about older .rcl files? Thanks
  6. FresnoDick

    Upgrading From Roxio 9

    Roxio 9 was not working so I uninstalled. Now I can't reinstall. I have the key I used in the past; it says this is invalid. I found two other keys in my account on the web site. Neither of of these work. Since it's a very old version, I don't mind paying for the upgrade, but will this work if I don't have the old one installed? I hate to pay $99 for the latest version since I don't have any need for all the new features, but I will bite the bullet for the $69 upgrade if it will work.