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  1. Sorry for the delay Clean install Windows 8.1. No networking what so ever. So why should we care! Because Roxio NXT Pro 3 from a clean install has \LabelCreator\ LCTaskAssistant15.exe and title RXLTaskAssistClass with errors in DCONFIG. Any ideas as to why from a clean installation of Windows 8.1 this Windows recycling error is present.
  2. DCOMCNFG.EXE is a Windows Administrative tool within Component Services. Error reported under My Computer and DCOM. Distributed Component Object Model. DCOM is Microsoft's approach to a network-wide environment for program and data objects. DCOM comes as part of the Windows operating systems.
  3. NXT Pro3 is installed and the error shows each time you open D COM Config in Windows 8.1. Thoughts are to re install but which of the three Roxio install files do I attempt to uninstall and then re install if it is Label Creator. Drawn a blank in trying to fix the warning within D COM.
  4. Error windows 8.1 DCOM Config Warning CLSID (6A85F4D6-DE83-4D79-B4F9-8BECB3079381) item "C\ProgramFiles\Roxio Creator NXTPro3\Label Creator\LCTaskAssistant15.exe" and title RXLTaskAssistClass has the same value AppId, but is not recorded under \\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppId Do you wish to record it? Answer Yes or No Answering yes even after changing permissions for launch and access makes no difference. Fails silently. Windows recycles the DCOM Config Warning. I am unable to figure what is blocking the record.