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  1. Can someone please tell me the benefit of buying the back-up cd for Roxio Photoshow? Does the cd contain all the same features that are online, so if I do not have internet access I will still to be able to use all the tools/stickers/themes? What happens after my year is up with service? Is there a benefit to having this cd if I do not renew? Thank you for your help.
  2. tblum

    Benefits Of Buying Back-Up Cd

    When you go to buy the premium service, it is an optional add on.
  3. tblum

    Split From Hijacked Thread

    Just for clarification, the online version and the desktop version have different file types that they accept?
  4. tblum

    Split From Hijacked Thread

    Thank you for the advice. I am buying this for the first time and am a little reluctant after reading that this software may be phased out sooner than later. I loved it years ago and had version 5. I hope they keep up with it.