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  1. I need to re-install Creator NXT 2 but can find no web source for the package. I have a license key. Could you direct me to a site from where I can get the package. I have NXT 3 but have had so many problems with it that I want to return to NXT 2.
  2. Hi there, I encountered a '80070040 Error while Encoding ...' message in a 'Burn Project' window while burning the first of 3 movies to a DVD. These movies were edited on another PC and copied to my notebook for creating and buring a DVD. I did this because burning on my first PC was v-e-r-y slow. To avoid this problem, I wonder if I should also edit the videos on the same PC as I burn them?
  3. The first DVD I burned using NXT 3 on my Windows 7 Pro system took about 30 minutes - good! The next time I tried to burn a DVD, after 3 hours it had only achieved ~7%! So I killed the process. I tried to do a repair on the S/W but got some errors so I decided to re-install it. It made no difference - still v-e-r-y slow. I tried to re-burn the first DVD that took 30 minutes but it was now also very slow. Do you have any ideas?