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    Google Drive Stripping Data

    Ah, too bad. We deleted our local copies of the files. For the future we've found that zipping the files prevents the loss of data upon upload. Thanks for the advice!
  2. wakefipc

    Google Drive Stripping Data

    Didn't even see this until this morning. Followed your instructions and found that the re-named file from the PC has the same issue that we ran into with the google download. Any idea if it's possible to recover this data? Or is it gone for good?
  3. wakefipc

    Google Drive Stripping Data

    I only briefly scoured the posts here, so I apologize if this topic has been mentioned before. Our department records, edits, and archives all concerts on campus. We decided to use Toast to export CD image files for each album, and back them up on Google Drive (education gives us unlimited space). However, once we download that file it can no longer be opened by toast - "is an unsupported file type". We're able to mount the image, but it gives us a single track with all the data rather than the multiple tracks associated with the CD. Upgrading to Toast 12 didn't solve the problem, so we did some more research. It seems that when Google Drive uploads the SD2F files it strips away the data for track names, sample rate, bit depth, and length. Toast opens the file expecting to see this data, and promptly sh**s itself when it's missing. Has anyone had this problem? We've tested it with multiple files with the same outcome. I'd be happy to supply more information if needed.