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    Video Capture & Output Problem

    Thank for your comment,Brendon. That's exactly the situation I have. My winXP laptop and my winXP desktop can't run the "record your screen" feature. My win 8.1 laptop does. And what's really annoying is the fact that the 2 WinXP PC's can't run the VCC feature in web capture modus either, they run the video convert thing allright (when you have some video's on your HDD) but no web capture. Note: the win 8.1 laptop doesn't do that either (the web capture) but here we have the working record your screen feature. I can only hope you'll be proven wrong and that they do fix it!
  2. exsencon

    Video Capture & Output Problem

    Yes,I know Jim. With my new laptop and Win 8.1 it works really well. But on my old laptop (or desktop for that matter) with WinXP prof. installed it doesn't seem to work. I can see it "record your screen" but when I click on it nothing happens. Is WinXP too old for that? And I agree with you, I don't understand why they can't/won't fix the VCC issue. Now with my old EMC 10 suite VCC worked perfectly (albeit a bit slow) but without the web capture feature of course. I suppose Roxio is at least aware of the problem,or is that too much to hope for already?
  3. exsencon

    Video Capture & Output Problem

    Yes,I know that. My problem is that the thing is just not working. Well, I will correct that: after trying again and again, VCC works except for the web video. I have that screen that says: launch your browser and I do (firefox) and then nothing happens. It doesn't record at all, I have nothing on the screen. Only with my new WIN 8.1 laptop I have the on screen record feature with the recorder and I can set it as I want. Not so with my old WinXP laptop or my WinXP desktop, there is no on screen record feature so I have to rely on VCC and its web video feature and that doesn't work. Any suggestions?
  4. Well, after 8 or some years of good service by my old Easy Media Creator 10 suite I decided it was time or an update so I bought and downloaded NXT3 and I must say,I am terribly disappointed. The install was,well sluggish at best and when it finally did, I found the copy and convert video feature wasn't even working. The whole thing is grayed out wth no active buttons to push, completely useless. Now it worked perfectly with the ole EMC10 suite (of course I didn't have the webcapture feature). What the hell is wrong with the thing? The only thing that seems to work (sort of) is the record your screen on my Win 8.1 laptop (1TB HDD, 4GB RAM,64bit). As for my other PC with WinXP prof, the record your screen feature is not there, so I have to go to the not working copy&convert feature. I thought NXT3 would be much better, but again bigger is not always better.