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    Video Fuzzy, Noob Needs Help!

    Ah okay, well thank you again this has helped out a bunch.
  2. Lord Giygas

    Video Fuzzy, Noob Needs Help!

    Ah okay I see now, So is there anyway to get a clearer picture? I don't mind like top notch quality but I would like at least to record something you can see without having to take one look at it and being like nope nope nope! also would it help to show a screencap of how fuzzy it actually is?
  3. Lord Giygas

    Video Fuzzy, Noob Needs Help!

    Ah okay I see it now, Frame Width is 720, Frame Height is 480.
  4. Lord Giygas

    Video Fuzzy, Noob Needs Help!

    I'm sorry I am not seeing something like that when I go to look for it.
  5. Lord Giygas

    Video Fuzzy, Noob Needs Help!

    Data Rate is at a 28776kps, and my Bit rate is 1536kps.
  6. Lord Giygas

    Video Fuzzy, Noob Needs Help!

    I have the standard game capture and the set up is basic, I use an xbox 360 slim on HD and have it properly connected into the standard capture card and everything plugged into my TV for HD use. Standard set up like I said, picture is crystal clear on my TV and on the viewing screen on my computer. Yet when I was finished recording I noticed everything was fuzzy, and VERY hard to even see the video (Not including the overly loud audio boost of the video). There is no flickering going on as I noticed many others have had that issue but nothing like that has happened. My video quality did not come out as I viewed it on the TV and viewing screen. I hope this helps with what you asked.
  7. Hello! I have been working with the Roxio Game Capture for some time now and I finally sat down and recorded some CoD . Everything looked perfect on the video feed, I had to mess with the audio for some time but no problems there but after I recorded about over 2 hours of game play, MY VIDEO IS ALL FUZZY!!!!! So I switched to a different game and the same thing!!!!! I have no idea how to fix this and I hope this post is up in the right subject, but if anyone knows how to fix this that would be amazing!!! Working with and Xbox 360, 1080i and not to sure about my laptop I'm working with but I know I did just recently purchase it. all cords are perfect and well working. I have zero Idea of what I am doing.