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    Unable To Capture With Hd Pro

    I have this Roxio Game Captiure HD Pro device. I've owned this device for 1 year (January 2, 2014). I purchased it from Roxio directly on their website. I got the device installed and test the first time. I was able to capture maybe 3-6 times before it stopped capturing through the Capture function of the software. No matter what I've done; I can not capture footage. Just some information: I have the latest updates and service pack (RoxioGameCaptureHDPROServicePack2.0.exe) I'm running the lastest version of Windows 8.1 Pro x64 How to produce it: I run this application: Roxio Game Capture HD PRO Program runs -> I select "Capture" Capture application launches... "Loading" Then an immediate crash. Roxio Media Capture has stopped working. Device is plugged in via HDMI cable. No matter what I do, the application will crash. I've also tried it on another computer; still the same issue. I even tried the repair option. I've re-formated this machine for clean slate just to also test. Still a no go.. I had writen up a detailed report on these forums, but it seems all my results have been removed and purged. I know I have the urls and screenshots of them somewhere of my findings.