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  1. Just recently some of my Roxio photoshows that once had photos associated with them have gone missing, ( the pictures inside the photoshow ) when I go to add pictures or try and make a new photoshow I get circular motions kind of like buffering but isn't. Now some of my shows are intact, that is all the pictures I put in there are still there. I have tried all the browsers to no avail, I have even tried to call Roxio for support even tho I'm a premium member in good standing for many years I was not successful in reaching anyone. Music is another issue even with mp3 the upload is very difficult. The question is , is the problem with me or Roxio,Or maybe even Adobe but their I have the latest version on my computer?. Has anyone else experienced this problem, my computer is windows seven and is in top notch condition. Please advise as to what I'm missing here. Thank you Jerry J.Wood www.photoshow.com/members/grnbay4 bowlingfun@cox.net.