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  1. That is the kind of behavior that gets people hurt. If you take it out of the air and by that i take you to mean shoot. Then you are breaking the law by shooting a fire arm (in city limits, i say this because that is more then likely where it would happen) also by doing that your stray bullet could fall onto and harm or kill another. additionally by taking it out of the air you make the quad itself uncontrollable so the incapacitated quad would run the risk of damaging property or another person as it fell to the ground. All in all it would be illegal for the quad owner to fly in a location were this situation arised but you yourself give way to much more lethal and dangerous possibilities by taking that kind of action. Not to mention your illegalities are much more extreme.
  2. lol no, the camera is meant for security. but i intend to use it for a First Person View flying. that way i can see from the quadcopters perspective. there are cameras made for this but i am trying to save some mulla and figured if it didnt work then i still have a fun camera to play with
  3. will do, will even post a link to the vid if i can get it to work the way i am hoping (waiting for the camera to come in the mail)
  4. My camera rig uses radio to transmit the video signal to a receiver. The receiver is what i would hook to the V2D via RGA cables provided with the receiver. So were the reciever would normally go to a tv to view the camera feed, instead it would be feeding into the V2D for recording. as well as veiwing.
  5. ccarrico

    Lost Cd For Installation

    Thankyou for the information, but what do i do if i not longer have a receipt of purchase? Its been a good while since i bought it.
  6. It like i said, i ahve an idea to use my Roxio VHS to DVD in a setup to create a FPV rig for my quadcopter (multi rotor RC helicopter) I have a Remote camera i have ordered coming in that is small and allows the signal of the camera feed to be send wirelessly to your TV. IT is meant as a live Security camera. Well the Camera set up hooks directly into your tv and i remember using my Roxio VHS to DVD to record old xbox gameplay footage. its not ideal but does work. I know this isnt the intended purpose of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD but i was wondering what you guys and gals thought of the idea?
  7. ccarrico

    Lost Cd For Installation

    Is there no way to get the software so i can work it again?
  8. ccarrico

    Lost Cd For Installation

    Hello, its been a good long while since i last used my VHS to DVD devise and unfortunately have since then uninstalled the software needed to operate the devise. I have the software registered to this account. So i was wondering if it was possible to get a download link so that i can get the software and be able to use VHS to DVD again. I would also like to add that no i do not have the CD any longer. I have looked but have been unable to find it.