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  1. Error "This operating sys. does not meet the min. requirements for Roxio Creator 2011. This product will not be installed. Microsoft Win. XP SP2 (64-bit) " " XP SP3 (32-bit) " Vista SP2 (32\64-bit) " Win. 7 Home Premium, Pro., or ultimate I have Win. 7 so this should install. Possibly 1 minor something or a rather isn't calibrated correctly with new hard drive?
  2. It's been right at a year since you guys were here, but I will ask my question any way and maybe you'll see it and can reply. I have a creator 2011 disc. It worked fine on my OLD hard drive. I recently had to put in a new hard drive (same as old, win 7) but i can not get it to install. I get, after a few normal installation messages, that it can not be installed. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bobby