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  1. Brought the old server home so I could test software. SW is "Roxio Creator Basic v9". When starting one of the windows that appears says "Easy Media Creator", but "Help'/About" says it is "Roxio Creator Basic V9". Side panel includes "Data" option, and I pick "Data Disk" under that option. I drag the folders I want included in my copy/backup process, and save as a project. When I open project on a subsequent day, it does tell me what files are missing from the selected directories as information, and lets me proceed. During testing, I noted that some new files or folders that have been created since the project was created are included, some are not. Unsure as to what it appears to be hitting about 50% of the new files. I'm no programmer, but it doesn't seem like it should be that hard to have the routine (that initially inventories the selected folders for files to include) run each time the project is opened, creating a new/current list of files to backup/copy. I would think anyone wanting to use this software for routine/regular backups of dynamic folders would want this functionality. Is there any way to get this functionality with "Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning"?
  2. Brendon, Jim, thanks for trying to help me with this. The process I follow is as Jim describes. I start with "Burn Data Disk", then select folders I want to save. App creates a list of files within those folders and (with click of green arrow) saves to DVD. I then save my folder selections as a project. This is a new server running Windows 7. It did not come with Roxio software pre-installed, so I bought and installed. Previous server ran Windows XP and came with some version of Roxio software already installed. The old server is still around, and I could fire it up to find out what version of Roxio it is running. What the previous version of Roxio did is store the selected folder list and not, apparently, the file list. Each time I opened Roxio and the project to perform a backup to DVD, it would create a new list of files in the selected folders. It didn't seem to care what files were backed up previously or what files had been added to folders. It made a list of files currently present and backed them up. The only time the old version of Roxio would mimic what I'm seeing now is if after doing a backup one day I left the application and the project open, then tried to click the green arrow to do a backup the next day, it would give me error messages saying certain files were no longer present. If I closed the application/project and restarted, it would recreate its file list and back things up just fine. I'm trying to make the backup/copy process as simple and automated as possible for the non-technical employees who perform the daily backups. I want them to be able to open a saved project and have it backup/copy to DVD all the files currently in the selected folders, and not give warning or error messages about files that have been deleted since yesterday. Thanks.
  3. The product I bought is "Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning". It didn't appear to be a suite, just one product. The function I'm trying to utilize is copying files to a DVD. As with previous ROXIO product I've used, this one allows me to select either files or directories to burn to a DVD. I select directories and click the green arrow icon to burn directories and their files to the DVD. I then save the selection of directories as a Project. Works great when I run it the first time. Over the course of time the files in the folders change, some get deleted, some get added. The old version would refresh the list of current files in the folders to be backed up each time the project was opened. The version I have doesn't seem to do that. As it currently is configured, when I open the project, it tries to burn the same files today that it had in its list yesterday. Files that have been deleted from the directory cause "missing file" error messages, and files newly created aren't included in the files burned to the DVD. I'm trying to determine is there is some setting improperly set which prevents the program from refreshing the list of files in the selected directories. Thanks for any help you might provide.
  4. I have Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning Version 14. On previous versions, when I opened a saved Project with a list of folders to be copied to DVD, the application would refresh the list of files in the desired folders and copy those files to the DVD. Version 14 doesn't seem to refresh its list of files. If files have been added or deleted from the folders listed in the Project, they either cause an error message because they are no longer present, or they are skipped in copy operation because they weren't present when the project was created. Should Version 14 be refreshing the list of files in selected folders each time I open project?