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    Is Photo Show Now Working?

    A couple of years ago photo show stopped working. I was told they were not updating it. I was very disappointed because it was so easy to use. So for the last two years I stopped making family dvd's. However, just recently I saw something about it on Facebook. I went to Roxio chat and asked if they have a new program. They wrote me back with a link. Has anyone signed up to get the new program that is suppose to work with windows 10? And if so, is there technical support to help you if there is a problem?
  2. checkman

    Error - Split From Hijacked Thread

    no luck with the video, but I looked at the size of the photó's and they are large. It worked with the 97 picture photoshow, but it may be the quantity AND how large they are. So I opened all the pictures up in windows and it allows me to resize. I put them into the larger of the two small choices. I put them in a new photo show and without captions or music I am burning them right now. I see it is showing the pictures as it burns, while when the photos were too large, it was just a black picture as they burned. So I am thinking this is the answer. I will redo the show again, but I don't mind putting in the time to redo it if it works. Thanks for all your help. If it doesn't work, I will be back. If it works, then I want to thank you now and which you all the best.
  3. checkman

    Error - Split From Hijacked Thread

    Hi Guru, Been down sick for a couple of days, so I couldn't get back to the computer.....I did as you suggested and download the photoshow6. Unfortunately, I had to start all over and make a new photoshow but only had 97 pictures, so after a few hours of captions and music lo and behold, it worked!!!!! Thank you for the suggestion. I didn't realize there was a newer version, guess I didn't even think of looking for it. So then I started a larger photoshow....204 pictures. worked non-stop because want to give it to family members at Easter. Although it all looked great on the computer, when I went to burn it, it took 3 hours and only had the music on it.....no pictures showing. So I thought maybe it had to have less than 200 pictures, so I cut it to 199 pictures and tried again, no luck. I didn't do anything different. So then I made a copy and tried to use that one instead still with no luck. Also I can't seem to put it on the internet. Maybe because I used my own music with known artists? Thanks for your help so far and hope you can help me with these new issues. It just doesn't seem to needs to be so hard to get it to burn. Doing the photoshow is fun and easy to do.....adding captions.....adding music. Then you get right to the end and need to burn it and then it seems to be a problem. Any suggestions?
  4. checkman

    Error - Split From Hijacked Thread

    Thanks for replying to my call for help. I have a premium account that is good until 2016. It is on my desktop (from a disc) PhotoShow5 My computer is a Dell XP, though I also tried it on my laptop and got the same message. Not sure which browser it is trying to connect to the internet. I have Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer on the computer. I only use this computer for the photoshow so it isn't full of other things. When I start to burn the DVD it shows it is "preparing". Then after that it pops up with "An Error Has Occured" and under it a button that says OK. (no numbers for anything that explains what the error is) When I click OK, it takes me back to the photoshow. When I go out of PhotoShow and come back in and click on the photoshow I want to manage it says "PhotoShow needs to connect to the internet to download some additional are work or music files before it can display your Photoshow. I have the options to either: Cancel .....Watch without files....or to Retry. When I click Retry it just pops up again. When I click the "Watch without files" I don't see anything different. I use my own MP3 music and some of theirs. I thought maybe it is trying to download their music with problems, so I make a copy of the photoshow and took out all their music. But it still didn't work. I have turned off the firewalls (which they indicated in their troubleshooting sections may be the problem and put down that photo show is to be allowed. Not sure what else to do. Can you figure out what the issue is?
  5. please help me. I have used photoshow many times over the years, but this time I am having issues. I got the photo show ready to be burned to a disc but when I tried, i flashed a message Error. It then told me it could not download some into from the internet because I was not connected. I did use some of their music in the photo show, so maybe that was the issue of trying to connect to the internet. However I WAS connected to the internet. So I made an archive backup disc and went to my laptop (which also has the PhotoShow program downloaded) and when I tried to burn the disc on my laptop, I got the same message......ERROR..... what gives? I tried to call technical support and got no where. I hope someone out there can help me. Thanks in advance.